Grounded Resilience, 2021

Grounded Resilience, 2021 is a comissioned art work for Aire Libre a public space intervention program in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The piece consists of planting a 4-meter-high young tree of the ceiba pentandra species in an abandoned tree grate. This genus of tree is distributed in tropical zones from Mexico to South America and Africa; being an ideal species for an urban habitat for being resilient and adaptable since it grows easily in degraded areas. Accompanied by organic, artificial and geological objects from Jalisco, the piece seeks to reflect the fragile symbiotic relationship of nature and informed by the recent Anthropocene theory, the intervention aims to use and expose the consequences that climate change caused by anthropocentric actions has on the ecosystems. In this case, the ceiba will quickly adapt to the precarious urban environment, resulting in a timeless intervention.

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