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Systema Artificialis
Totemic Figure (Offering I, II, III)
Taxons Series

Hand Studies
Light Studies
Gator’s Bullet Hole
Habana (The Decisive Moment Split)
Hummingbird Tail (Totemic Studies)

Chthonic Beings (Mendieta’s Venus)
Chthonic Textures I-III (Mendieta’s Venus)

Tentacular Portraits (Mendieta’s Venus)

Diorama I, II (Nature Studies)

Totemic Figure IV
Totemic Figure V
Totemic Figure VI
Totemic Composite I-IV
Totemic Studies I
Totemic Studies II
Totemic Studies III

As of Now
The Myth of Progress
Enders (Extinction Studies)
Night walks, Nighthawks
Precarious Nature

Endemic Studies I
Endemic Studies II
Saturniidae (Diorama Studies)

Exuviae (Diorama Studies)
Daedalea (Diorama Studies)
Crassostrea (Diorama Studies)
Hystrix / Strata
Hystrix /  Bucephalus

The peach, the chestnut, the fly and the fly that looks like a bee
Tigre Comune e Antilope

Earthly Fixtions (Taxon Studies)
Exhibit I (Anthropocene Studies)
Discarded Taxonomies (Anthropocene Studies)
Site-specific Installation | Casa Wabi
Used, drifted, found, burned, lost, and found again

From Now On
Brick Vine (Tentacular)
Parasitic Behavior (Capitalocene Studies)
Growth Vase
Chac-Pel Conch Deluge 
100-Year-Old Oak Mobile
Crab Dryer (After Duchamp)
Nearly Elapsed
Ingrained Extension
Suspended Ecosystem

Sawfish Dream
Tentacular Thought
Animist Structure I
Animist Structure II
Cosmovisión I
Cosmovisión II

Totemic Resin Figure I-V
De-extinction Pedestal I-IV
Primal Assemblage (Sawfish Dreams)

Tentacular Figure I, II, III
Tentacular Figure IV, V
Macaw Pedestal (Totemic Studies) 
Tentacular Castello

Anthropomorphic Seeds (Venus Studies)
Taxon Canvas II - VI

Taxon Resin (Anthropocene Studies)
Venus Studies
Pest Pedestal (Totemic Studies)
Owl Pedestal (Totemic Studies)
Hummingbird Pedestal (Totemic Studies)

Anthropocentric Flip (Horseshoe Crab)
A Chthonic Becoming (Mendieta’s Venus)
Pest Studies (Giant Swallowtail)

Hybrids (Totemic Studies)
Pest Studies I

Interlaced (Boa Constrictor) is part of online exhibition curated by Marie Gomis-Trezise. The monthly Guest Room hosted by DER GREIF a Munich-based organization for contemporary photography.

“The night doesn’t swallow us, it lets us stumble.“

From Hartford with Love is a photographic print sale & fundraising campaign offering archival prints donated by 70+ photography alumni, students, and faculty from the Hartford Photography MFA program

In solidarity with the efforts to raise the awareness and reform of racial injustice in the US. All proceeds of this sale (minus printing and postage) will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

You can buy my work Mecate (El Rosario), 2020 at this amazing fundraising.

Fotos por México is a fundraising initiative to support our country in response to the public health crisis in which we are living as caused by COVID-19. All money raised will be automaitcally deposited to the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición.
You can buy my work From Before The Now, 2018 at this amazing

On Wednesday April 29th I’m going to be talking about my work with the Director and Chief Curator of Visual Arts of Americas Society / Council of the Americas Aimé Iglesias Lukin as part of their Live Instagram program In the Studio. You can watch the video on  their youtube channel here.

Artishock  created an article about the group show Pajaro piedra curated by Andrea Celda at kino tonalá located on Cine Tonalá in Mexico City.

Endemic Studies I featured on This week on Cargo a weekly newsletter that highlights artwork from Cargo’s community

Totemic Studies II is part of group show Inmanente: Disoluciones en el paisaje curated by César Girón at Oficina de Proyectos Culturales (OPC) an independent non-profit arts organization in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

A Chthonic Becoming (Mendieta’s Venus), Totemic Figure (Offering II) and Taxon Resin (Anthropocene Studies) are part of the group show Pájaro piedra curated by Andrea Celda at kino tonalá located on Cine Tonalá in Mexico City.

Saturniidae (Diorama Studies) and Exuviae (Diorama Studies) where part of Plaza de la informalidad on this year’s ZONA MACO a new space organized by the gallery guadalajara90210

My solo show Transformarse en objeto/Becoming Object at Proyecto Arte was part of the activities of PreMaco Guadalajara 2020. 01/20
Recent inclusion of my work accompanying an excerpt of Belarus writer Sasha Filipenko’s new novel on the literature edition of printed magazine Esquire Russia.

Check out this video that features my work from Fisheye Magazine along with a great article that speaks about my process as an artist.

Read the article here.

Hummingbird Pedestal (Totemic Studies) is feature in the cover of Fisheye Magazinez’s special Paris Photo issue #39 along with a with a beautiful text by Lou Tsatsas and other work. I’m exited that this fisheye feature is deticated to the current environmental crisis.

Here is the note that Mural newspaper did on my solo show Transformarse en objeto / Becoming Object at Proyecto Arte in Guadalajara, Mexico.

My solo show Transformarse en objeto / Becoming Object opened on November 2nd at Proyecto Arte in Guadalajara, Mexico. Curated by Miriam Villaseñor. On view until February 8th 2020.

Saturniidae (Diorama Studies), Totemic Studies II and Exuviae (Diorama Studies) are part of the group show Mercurio retrógrado organized by the gallery by the gallery guadalajara90210 in Guadalajara, Mexico. On view until December 21st.

I had the opportunity to be a resident at Palazzo Monti an artist residency housed in a palazzo dating back to 1200 in Brescia, Italy.

Saturniidae (Diorama Studies), Totemic Studies II and Exuviae (Diorama Studies) are part of the group show El Castillo de los ladrillos rotos organized by the gallery guadalajara90210. Happening during Gallery Weekend CDMX 2019.

Opening September 7th in Mexico City.

Untitled (Clay Studies I) made while in residency at Casa Wabi is part of online exhibition at Don’t Take Pictures a New York-based photography magazine.

See the online gallery here.

Totemic Figure (Offering I) is part of online exhibition curated by Emma Bowkett director of photography at FT Weekend Magazine. The monthly Guest Room hosted by DER GREIF a Munich-based organization for contemporary photography, considers Juan Downey’s quote from ‘The Laughing Alligator’ as the theme for the instalment.

“I discover that I would like to be eaten up by some Indians of the Amazon rainforest, not as a self-sacrifice, at least not consciously, but as a demonstration of the ultimate architecture. To inhabit, to mourn both physically and psychologically within the human being, who would eventually eat me.”

See the online gallery here.

Untitled (Treefrog), 2018 is featured as photo of the day at VOGUE Italia’s PHOTOVOGUE.

Here is the note that El Norte newspaper did on Primal Reflex and Más allá del mundo, hay letras current shows on view until Aug 23th at PEANA in Monterrey, MX.

Come visit my solo show Primal Relfex on view until Aug 23th at PEANA in Monterrey, MX.

Work from Systema Artificialis got publish in Photobook Vol. 3, the books surveys the best contemporary photographers published by Fisheye Magazine.

As a conclusion of my month-long residency at SVA Bio Art Lab in New York City fellow residents and me presented a group exhibition titled Sympoiesis.

The School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents a group exhibition highlighting the work of eight artists and scientists, produced at SVA’s Bio Art Lab. Entitled, Sympoiesis, this exhibition speaks to Donna Haraway’s concept of boundaryless systems. Like complex, self-organizing, and collectively produced networks, the works in the exhibition range from video, installation, photography, sculpture, 3D printing, and living matter. Both materials and processes speak through the biological world as a matrix of metaphor. Materials include bacteria, fungi, plant and marine life, fish skins, as well as found artifacts and technologically driven programs.

Here is the interview that Mural newspaper did to me where I talk about my process and the artist residency I attended in Guadalajara, MX.

Open Studio for Premaco Guadalajara 2019.

Untitled (Goldfish) from my series Systema Artificialis is part of Photo-Emphasis group show BREAK A LEG curated by Rebecca Drolen at sUgAR Gallery in the University of Arkansas.

See the online gallery here.
Get your copy of Cream Magazine’s 35th Edition and check out the feature they made of my career. Images from Systema Artificialis.

Two of my photographs are part of this great Call for entry in Aint-Bad.

See them here.

Some of my work is part of Prima Materia a group show at LACASAPARK.

See my work in Artsy here.

Got invited to be part of the artist residency at Casa Wabi in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.
See more of Casa Wabi here.

Some work from Systema Artificialis got selected for images of the week in Fisheye Magazine.

Read about them here.

Great interview in Fisheye Magazine about Systema Artificialis.

Read the full interview here.

Great interview in Aint-Bad about Systema Artificialis.

Read the full interview here.

Untitled (Goldfish) from Systema Artificialis got selected as image of the day at Don’t Take Pictures.

See it here.
Untitled (GPS) shortlisted as a favorite at FotoRoom.
See this image here.

Untilted (Pintail) is part of online and printed publication NET 2.6: What does natural look like…? by Oranbeg Press.

Download it here.
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