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Systema Artificialis
Taxons Series

Chthonic Beings (Mendieta’s Venus)
Chthonic Textures I-III (Mendieta’s Venus)

Tentacular Portraits (Mendieta’s Venus)
Hand Studies
Light Studies

Gator's Bullet Hole
Diorama I, II (Nature Studies)
Hummingbird Tail (Totemic Studies)
Habana (The Decisive Moment Split)

Totemic Figure (Offering I, II, II)
Totemic Figure IV
Totemic Figure V
Totemic Figure VI
Totemic Composite I-IV
Totemic Studies I
Totemic Studies II
Totemic Studies III

As of Now
The Myth of Progress

Endemic Studies I
Endemic Studies II
Saturniidae (Diorama Studies)

Exuviae (Diorama Studies)
Daedalea (Diorama Studies)
Crassostrea (Diorama Studies)
Hystrix / Strata
Hystrix /  Bucephalus

The peach, the chestnut, the fly and the fly that looks like a bee
Tigre Comune e Antilope

Exhibit I (Anthropocene Studies)
Discarded Taxonomies (Anthropocene Studies)
Site-specific Installation | Casa Wabi
Used, drifted, found, burned, lost, and found again

Earthly Fixations (Taxon Studies)
From Now On
Brick Vine
Parasitic Behavior (Capitalocene Studies) Growth Vase
Conch Deluge 
100-Year-Old Oak Mobile
Crab Dryer (After Duchamp)
Nearly Elapsed
Ingrained Extension

Totemic Resin Figure I-V
De-extinction Pedestal I-IV
Primal Assemblage (Sawfish Dreams)

Tentacular Figure I, II, III
Tentacular Figure IV, V
Macaw Pedestal (Totemic Studies) 
Tentacular Castello

Anthropomorphic Seeds (Venus Studies)
Taxon Canvas II - VI

Taxon Resin (Anthropocene Studies)
Venus Studies
Pest Pedestal (Totemic Studies)
Owl Pedestal (Totemic Studies)
Hummingbird Pedestal (Totemic Studies)

Offering I, II, III

Anthropocentric Flip (Horseshoe Crab)
A Chthonic Becoming (Mendieta’s Venus)
Pest Studies (Giant Swallowtail)

Hybrids (Totemic Studies)
Pest Studies I
Book Studies


Primal Assemblage (Sawfish Dreams), 2019
12 found objects: 5 macaw feathers, turkey feather and 6 thorn palm branches
146 x 77 cm approx.

All images © 2020 Ernesto Solana